They are all organically raw with sublime arrangements. Every tune hits hard.” - Ralph Beauchamp


They don’t follow what’s in. They don’t follow what’s safe. The only thing they follow is their hearts. For Orlando, Florida foursome Alive In Stone, it shouldn’t surprise you that they have truly created a brand of Alternative Metal that no one has heard of before.  

They call their subgenre “Cemetery Pop” a sound that is dead, but very much alive. One that has a genre but is genre-less. It’s experimental but it’s also traditional.   A fish net and leather themed keg party at a funeral home that is equal parts eerie and irresistibly fun.  Pop song structure that dabbles in everything from Glam, Shoegaze, EDM, Industrial and Goth. Ear splitting extra stringed guitar riffs of nu-metal and the primal vocal delivery reminiscent of false chord crooners Chester Bennington and Oliver Sykes. Unadulterated, unapologetic in both subject matter and lyrical content.   

Vocalist Bryan Phillips would form the band in May of 2022 and would quickly garner the efforts of guitarist Matt Willey, drummer Herman Ogletree III and bassist Doug Kirchner to form the lineup.  Through a prolific year and a half, the group would release their six song Self-Titled EP with the three follow up singles Midnight Angel, My Own Vice and Drowning. They have shared the stage with The Lonely Ones, Hed P.E., Texas Hippie Coalition and Smile Empty Soul to name a few.  

However, this would only be a precursor to their sound. They would ultimately shed their skin finding their sonic identity with Close Quarters Audio producer Dylan Herzog.  Their latest song “Skin” is out now and set to follow is a blazing catalog of new music to rage on in 2024.    

The bands that stand the test of time always seem to be the ones going right when everyone goes left. Or better yet, they go inward. They share a private part of themselves with the world, the truest part. They are as real as the rush of a festival mosh pit, or the sweat that stains the shirt of the front row concert goer pressed against the barricades.  They walk unafraid, toward the music that speaks to them because they know it will speak to you. They are Alive In Stone.