They are all organically raw with sublime arrangements. Every tune hits hard.” - Ralph Beauchamp



                           Five piece Orlando, Florida outfit Alive In Stone doesn't care about the trends, they don't care about whats in and they certainly dont care about taking risks.  

       All they care about is showing as much of themselves as possible in their form of honest, in the moment, heart on your sleeve Hard Alternative Rock.  A sound both consuming and enternalizing, familiar but different. Like a nostalgic musical acid trip with a Body High of 2000's Rock, spiked with moments of synthesia that span from the entire spectrum of the Rock/Metal including Grunge, New Wave, even Shoegaze that almost makes them genreless within the scene.   

   The subject matter is unapoligetic and relatable, inspiring moments of reflection from your average 40-something who misses the glory daze all the way to the 20 year old who walks forward to discover the world alone. Everything from body dysmophia, religion and even the girl next door implies there is no shying a way from the deepest parts of the human condition for this crew.  

       "We play what we feel, its that simple", says lead singer/Guitarist Bryan Phillips, who gives poetic justice to the paragraph above.  Forming the band in May 2022, the band has fully formed garnering the guitar efforts of Matthew Willey along with Herman Ogletree III on drums and Doug Kirchner on bass. The band's latest single "Fatboy" is a shock to the inerds, an anthem of vulnerability as the soundtrack to Phillips's struggles with body distortion and overcoming obstacles.  The band leads off its first show providing support for The Lonely Ones (formerly Bobaflex) at Shovelhead Lounge Feb 18th and anticipates a new single in March 2023 along with a string of bangers starting August 2023 to kick off the next album cycle.    

      If your looking for a band that makes every moment of uncomfortablity worth it, as you arrived early to cram yourself against the guard rails of your favorite venue, sweating in anticipation to lose yourself in a musical act that makes you feel "Alive", then look no further than Alive In Stone.

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